Our Program
Hilton House Program
We aim for structure and accountability at the Hilton House.  Most alcoholics and addicts are people who are in desperate need of direction in life.  Even though we can not guarantee anyones recovery, we strive to place residents in a safe and structured environment so they can have all the tools at their disposal to recover.  All of our residents will engage in actively working a 12 Step Recovery Program.  
  1. Meetings
    Attending meetings give people an opportunity to meet others in their fellowship and to listen to the vital solution that has saved millions of lives. We require our residents to attend five AA or NA meetings per week.
  2. Sponsorship
    A sponsor is a person who helps one go through the 12 steps of a recovery program. This element is essential, because left to our own devices, we might miss a critical piece of the program. All residents will be given seven days to obtain a sponsor.
  3. Curfew
    For the first 30 days, curfew is 10pm for all residents. The Hilton House is one of the only sober living facilities that allow residents to work a second or third shift job. Allowances will be made for curfew so long as employment documentation is provided.
  4. Chores
    Chores are assigned so that residents can develop a sense of pride and accomplishment in themselves.
  5. Mandatory House Meeting
    Every Sunday we have a peer-driven community meeting. This gives all residents an opportunity to come together and discuss recovery progress, employment related matters, and any other issues that need to be resolved.
  6. Drug / Alcohol Testing
    Upon admission all residents must pass a drug/alcohol test. From that point forward, residents are subject to random testing at any time.